Gender Creative Hair Photo Shoot!

Gender Creative Hair Photo Shoot!


A hairstyle is an important part of someone’s identity –heck– hair has the ability to make or break someone’s day! We in the gender creative community celebrate individuality and root for the rebels! Unfortunately, hair often gets unnecessarily gendered and we’re trying to challenge that. We want a boy to feel confident rocking his long braid, a girl to feel fierce about her shaved head, and non-binary kids to do whatever the hell they want! We want to blow stereotypes out of the water and cut the boring norms – we want gender creative hair!

You know the hairstyle magazines… the ones with “boy haircuts” and “girl haircuts.” Well, we’re thinking it’s time for something new. We know girls with epic bowl-cuts and boys with hot pink hair and we love the unique manes on our gender expansive friends – we’re all about it and ready to share the inspiration so that more kids feel confident asking for the hair cut/color/style they want and empowered to smash the stereotypes and the haters. We are partnering with Lunatic Fringe to create a fresh, new hairstyle guide to live on the internet and inspire the masses, and we want you to be a part of it!

We are looking for 15 models, kids between the ages of 5 and 12, who want to get the hair-do of their dreams on Sunday, July 29th. If the details below sound good to you, you can apply or nominate someone to be a model!

Please send the following to 

  • Please send us a current picture.
  • Tell us about this little model! What’s your/their name? What are your/their favorite things to do? What grade will you/they be going in to?
  • Describe the hair-do you/they want! Green hair? No problem. Want unicorn hair? Awesome. Interested in hair from the future? Got it. Tell us all about the color/cut/style of this little model’s dreams. You can be creative or stick to a classic. We are interested in it all. Feel free to send some pictures to accompany your ideas.

Last day to apply is Friday, July 13th!

We’ll notify all applicants about our model selections by Sunday, July 15th.

Some fine print:

  • Model chooses their hair color/cut/style – get creative! Models will be matched with a stylist. There are absolutely no costs to the models, Lunatic Fringe and stylists are donating their time and product. There is no financial compensation for models, but all models will receive copies of their photos.
  • Models must be available for the event & photo shoot in Salt Lake City, Utah on Sunday, July 29th, 2018. (10 a.m. until done (probably 1:00 or 2:00 p.m.-ish) Location of the event and agenda will be given to selected models.
  • All models must have a parent/guardian accompanying them at the event.
  • Models must be willing to be photographed and have a parent/guardian sign a photo-release form. Photos will be published on and Instagram. We want to ensure models and guardians are aware that photos may be shared widely.
  • We are seeking diverse models and encourage transgender, nonbinary, gender creative and gender expansive youth to apply. Cisgender models are absolutely welcome to apply!